Katherine and Tom's Wedding Page

The honour of your presence.  

Friends and family assembled at Katherine's mother's house..  Greg, Gerry and Sue in the background.

Inside the house the mothers, Wanda and Helen, gave us their blessing.  

The procession to Church stopped traffic.

Mother Helen and brother Henry flank Katherine.  Tom and his mother, Wanda, behind.

Annie was our flower girl.

Henry escorts Tom's Babci.  

The hand-off.  Kathy, 26 yrs later: "If I had to do that {part} all over again, I wouldn't."

Exchanging rings.  

Reading vows.  

Presenting the new couple.  with Maid of honor Christine and Best Man Wally

Thanking mother.  

The new couple leave the church.  

Henry worked hard that day.  

In front of Church afterwards.  note the double exposure

As we entered the hall, we stopped to observe a Polish wedding tradition.
      The bride and groom each taste a piece of bread to signify: "May you never go hungry."
      They each place a spec of salt on their tounge to signify: "May you overcome the
      bitterness of life."

The food was delicious.  Joe, Greg, Danette, Jerry, Theresa, Annie, Chris.

The other end of the table.  Henry, Bob, Marybeth, Mike, Driftwood, Wally.

Katherine and Tom with Tom's sisters {Kathy, Danette and Annie}, Mother Wanda and soon to be brother in law Tom.  

Polish Dancers  with Mother Helen, Uncle Arthur, "Little" Walter and Mike.

Stepping out.  note how the photographer miscalculated.

Thanking mother.  

Katherine's family.   Mother Helen, Aunt Marianne, Uncle Arthur, Virginia, Gregory, Babus and Mrs. W.

Katherine's cousins  and Uncle Walter.

Tom's grandmother (2nd from the left), cousins, Aunt Emilia and Max.  

Canadian cousins  with Tom's mom and sister Kathy.

Tom's godmother Janine, Uncle Mel and family.  plus the Kosmatkas.

More of Tom's family  

Katherine's family  

Katherine's friends  

Tom's work buddies  

A Polish wedding was being celebrated in an adjoining room.  
      They danced at our wedding and we danced at theirs.

What a cake!  

We thank our mothers again.  

Babus and Eric!  

We shook hands all evening.  

Auntie Clara!  

Christine soars for the rebound  

Dance of the twelve angels  

Tom's Grandma and Max  

Circle Dance.  

Our wonderful wedding party!  

We had fun all night long.  

And had the most wonderful time. Thank you, everybody!  

Twenty-Five years later!!  Thank you, sweetiepie.

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