We start with a photo of Tom's paternal Great-Grandfather, Leon.
       He emigrated in the 1880's, eventually settling in North Dakota.

Tom's Paternal Grandmother Johanna (Jane)   Maternal Grandfather Frank, "Dziadzi," in the US Army   1916

Tom's father Thomas Edward    1929

Tom's mother, Wanda Jadwiga    1932

Wanda    With an Unidentified Neighbor, circa 1937

Johanna    circa 1940

Wanda's father Frank, "Dziadzi," on the far left   With Wanda, lil' Steve and Tom's Godfather Bill Burcicki

Wanda's High School Graduation   lower far right1946

Thomas, far right    Zig Jaworski wearing cap, 1946

1940's Cheesecake   

Thomas, far right    Zig Jaworski wearing cap, 1946

The Big Day Arrives   1948

Wedding Party   Thomas' sister Janine, 2nd row far right.
      That same porch 32 years later with Katherine, baby Mary and Katherine's Cousins from Poland: Wiesia and her son Piotrus.

Mother's Day   

Grandpa Leo and Grandma (Jane)   

Maternal Grandmother Katarzyna, "Babci," center   

Winter 1949   

Maternal Great Grandmother Jadwiga   

Tom's Baptism Day   1950

With Father    Early 1951; Note the pipe; never seen in the 60's.

One Year Old   

With Babci and Dziadzi   

Walking w/Dziadzi and then-foster sister Elaine   

Sitting with Daddy    

One Year Later   

Eight photos from '52-'53:   Federal Street 1952   On Babci and Dziadzi's Porch   Elliot Ness   Feeding Fowl   

From the left: Dad, Grandma, Mom, Elaine, Tom, Grandpa, Dziadzi   

3rd Birthday Party with Grandma and Grandpa   

Posing With New Sis, Kathy   1953

Kathy is One   

Family of Four   

With Babci and Cousin Jeannie   



Thank You, Very Much   

With Kathy and Mike Kostrzeba   

Two Photos with Dad and Kathy:    In new yard   On the couch

First Photo of New Sis Danette   

Dad, Babci, Kathy and Danette   

Looking Up   

First Communion   

Later That Day   

Kathy Hula-Hooping   Danette digging, Tom picking fingers and the neighbor, Mrs Duda, sneaking a look.

Patrice, Mark and Kenneth Lewandowski, Tom and Kathy   

At Ease   

2nd Grade Photo   

At Dad's Work {National Broach}   

Taking a Picture of Danette and Mom   

At Belle Isle with Danette   

Cousins Jeannie and Ronnie Rutkowski and Our Grandpa   

At the Valenciuk Farm, near Essex, Ontario.   

Now Batting Cleanup   

Kathy's 1st Communion   1961

Getting Nerdier By The Moment   1962

At Grandma and Grandpa's House   

Babci and Dziadzi   1962

Dad Graduates From College   3 Faces, Four Sets of Knees

In Minnesota With Dad and Joe Spies   

Mom and Grandma See Eye To Eye   

Feeding Deer   

At Niagara Falls   

Dziadzi's Last Birthday   He loved the trick candles!

1st Photo of New Sis Annie   

With the Lewandowskis (Note the folded arms)   Dad died shortly after taking this photo.

An example of the restoration process that many of these prints have undergone    Before    After   

Tom's High School Graduation Picture   

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