We start with a photo of Katherine's grandfather (dziadzi) Joseph  in the Russian Army, 1905

Joseph marries Katarzyna   1916


2541 Goodson             Baby Helen's Christening   with Godparents.

Katherine's Aunt Stephanie's 1st Communion    Mother Helen is in the middle. 1927

Group Photo with Helen on far right.   Her brother Walter: middle, back row  1927

Family Photo     1927.

Helen's brother Arthur's 1st Communion    1930

Helen's 1st Communion     With Stephanie 1933.

Stephanie 1940             Helen Reaches 21

Sisters Stepping Out

Arthur and Marianne   

1940's Cheesecake

Katarzyna, "Babci," in 1949.   

Katherine's Baptism, October 1950

Katherine at 4 Months

6 Month Old Katherine with Mother, Helen

Spring 1951 with Father, Henry

A Happy Mother.

Baby with Grandmother, Babus

Baby Katherine and Aunt Alice

More Backyard Babus

Katherine's First Birthday

Birthday Girl

Discovering Flowers

Doing Situps

Sharing a Drink with Aunt Janet

Happy Dance (1952)

2nd Birthday with cousin Kathleen Dull

Dziadzi with Kathleen Dull and a non-crying Katherine

Formal Portrait (1953)

Porch Sitting with Henry

Easter 1954

Kissing Cousin George

The Four Amigos in Illinois!

Dodge'em Cars

Posing with George for Aunt Alice

Kindergarten 1955

Christine, Henry and Katherine in a Tub  Doesn't Kath look like Mary in this pic?

Henry's Flying

Christmas 1955

Posing with Mom

At Mark's Birthday Party with Michaelene

Around the Table   (1956)

Katherine with Her Father's Parents, Babus and John Dziadzi.

Bowled a Strike in Her First Game!    (1956)

Little Walter's First Communion Photo   1956

With John Dziadzi and George   

Aunt Halina Gets Kissed by George   With Katherine and Henry Nearby

Christmas 1956    with Aunt Janet, Marilyn, Mom, Dad, Christine, George and Uncle Pete

Christmas 1957 with George   

Party Animals   

First Communion 1958   

Dad at 1st Communion   

3rd Grade Picture   

Sitting on Couch with Mother, Christine and Henry   1959

Grade 4 Class Picture   


Katherine Feeds Her New Baby Sister, Theresa   1959

4th Grade Picture   1959

9 Yrs Old   

Christine   1959

Birthday Party   

Baby T's Christening   With Howard Ring, Katherine and Christine.

Happy Birthday Henry   


Helen, Halina and an Unidentified Fellow   

Christine 1960      Katherine

In-laws Dziadzi and Babus {in-laws} Playing Cards   

Christine 1960   

Christine's First Communion   1961

Henry and the Christmas Tree   

Henry's First Communion   

Babci, Christine and a 2 Yr Old Theresa   

Katherine in 6th Grade   

8th Grade Photo   1964

Stanley May, Dziadzi and Stephanie   

Family Photo with Uncle Bill From Poland   1964

Katherine in High School   

Arthur, Marianne, Helen and Henry   

Theresa   1966

Marianne and Arthur at Babci and Dziadzi's 50th Anniversary   

Art and Dziadzi at the end of the 50th Anniversary Party   1966

Move Over Kingston Trio!   

T Waves   

Katherine's High School Graduation Picture   1968

Christine Graduates from High School   

Dziadzi and Babci Work the Room   

Dziadzi's Birthday   

Dziadzi in Poland   For another photo of an outhouse from these archives, click here.

Katherine in Poland   

Dziadzi's Brother's Funeral in Poland   

Cousins Say Goodbye to Dziadzi's Brother   

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