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October 2011 Family Photos

10/04....We opened October singing "Stolat" to Babci in Michigan then drove 200 miles and sang again to her.         

10/04....While in Michigan we got to see Jacob march in the annual Pumpkinfest Parade.
         He's the one in the orange gloves.

10/04....Most of the local businesses had floats in the parade, including this one from the tire-selling chain "Belle Tire.".
         Whenever the tire icon in a Belle Tire commercial appears on a Tiger or Red Wing game, Eric and Sam will immediately start hooting that it is "racist," so we were higly amused to see the tire in person!

10/04....It was, after all, a pumpkin fest.         

10/04....Jacob jumping to keep warm, and because sensie told him to.         

10/07....Mike surprises Babci.         

10/16....It's finally here! Thea's Over-Night Birthday Party.         

10/16....In full swing
         Of the 8, one left at 10, slightly miffed, one at 11, slightly sick, and one at 3 a.m., also slightly ill. In other words, a normal attrition rate for 12 year olds.

10/16....The Big Moment arrives.         

10/16...."Happy Birthday, dear Thea, Happy Birthday to you!"         


10/16....The morning after.         

10/16....On dock.         

10/16....Gym rats.         

10/16....Gym rats.         

10/16....Thea took this from her new phone!         

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