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May 2011 Family Photos

5/02....We open May, as we usually do, with Tommy's and Mary's birthdays.
         Here's a photo of them from 1986!

5/02....Dad will not see long time birding pal Ron on his annual trip to Magee Marsh this year. R.I.P., Ron!         

5/02....Uncle Henry heads for home after a short, 2-day stay.         

5/02....Uncle Henry has joined Dad and Auntie Theresa on their quest to perfect "Detroit-Style Pizza."
         Here's Dad's latest pie, a B+.

5/06....Ready for the 8th Grade Formal         

5/06....Pointing out a classmate.         

5/06....Meeting up with Cole.         

5/11....Dad followed this Prothonotary Warbler around for about an hour last Sunday afternoon.         

5/11....These little guys rely on spiders to eat.         

5/11....In our final photo, he's looking for his mate.         

5/13....On the wall, forever!         

5/13....A Palm Warbler from last weekend.         

5/13....A male Black-Throated Green Warbler from last weekend.         

5/25....Dad and Dan's annual trip up to Magee Marsh!         

5/26....About to graduate from 8th Grade!         

5/26....Five minutes after         

5/26....Summer vacation begins, but someone doesn't seem all that happy about it.         

5/26....Abby's former teacher moves in for a hug.         

5/30....Mike Graduates!         

5/30....Unphased by the steamy, 92 degree weather.         

5/30....Mike's Big Moment!         

5/30....Paper in hand!         

5/30...."You may remove your hats!"         

5/30....Congratulations from his German teacher, who also taught Mary 15 years ago.         

5/30....All smiles.         

5/30....With our neighbors, the Pengs.         "Wait, let's retake that last one." "No, Mike, no more pictures."

5/30...."Let's get outta here."
         Mike leaves for Washington DC and Taiwan in 2 days.

5/31....First Time!

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