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July 2011 Family Photos

7/07....We open July with Mike returning from a month in Taiwan!         

7/07....Mary, too, was in town!         

7/07....Mike objected when Dad hauled out the big lens.         

7/07....We finally meet Chad.         

7/07....It doesn't appear Mary is listening.         

7/07....Babci becomes a fan.         


7/07...A possum came by to crash the party and wouldn't leave. The sherrif took care of him.         

7/07....Midnight extremes.         

7/07....Steve meets Chad.         

7/07....Babci's ready for the fireworks.         

7/07....Sam, too.         

7/07....Our baby is growing up!         

7/19....A series of photos Thea took last night around 10 p.m..
one          two          three          four          five          six          seven          eight          nine          ten
eleven          Lastly, a self photo, taken from a reflection on the window of the back door.


7/27....Surprise visitor!         

7/27....Couldn't resist.         

7/27....Filling up her Justin Beiber bottle.         

7/27....Thea's off to Michigan for a week, Abby off to Godmother Sheryl's.         

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