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February 2011 Family Photos

2/03....We opened February with two more snow days. Here, Thea keeps busy.         

2/03....A rare spotting of Abby outdoors.         

2/03....Sam, trying to coax one home.         

2/03....5 games in 2 days got them 2nd place!         

2/03....Tommy sent in 3 photos from their blizzard.         

2/03....We're going to assume this Thomas in the knee-highed white stuff.         

2/03....After the storm.         

2/03....Mary, 2 hours away, had it no easier.         

2/04....Mary's car!         


2/07....Our two cats have been getting along okay, but today a fierce battle broke out.         

2/05....These two were not fooling around.         

2/05....It was serious!!!!         

2/14...."Is this gonna hurt?"         


2/14....Claudia, an exchange student from Germany who lived with us 15 years ago, sends in some photos.         

2/14....Dad and daughter         

2/14....Anna is two         

2/14....Future scholar         

2/17....Tommy sends in this photo of picketing firemen in Madison, who are claiming that the governor is union busting.          

2/23....While others in our family have snow days and 2 hour delay days, one member patiently awaits spring.         

2/25....Off to school.         

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