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April 2011 Family Photos

4/03....We open April with Mike's Big News!         

4/03....And here's the actual moment he confirmed his acceptance.         

4/03....Last week we visited Grandma up in Michigan.         

4/03....It was still winter up there.         

4/03....It was so slippery that Sam took a tumble on the ice.         

4/03....Dad found himself in an odd position at Auntie Annie's.         

4/15....Thea creeps us out.         

4/15....Waiting for Dad.         

4/21....Goodbye and goodluck.         

4/21....Finally used those Applebee gift cards.         

4/21....After watching the Tigers for 5 minutes.         

4/21....Is Thea telling us something?         

4/25....Because he is a National Merit Commended Student, Mike's name went up forever on the TriValley School Academic Hall of Fame          

4/25....Some of us went to Detroit for Easter, and some stayed home.         

4/25....Some of us liked posing and some didn't.         


4/25....Easter Dinner at Auntie Annie's.         

4/25....Uncle Ben helps out         

4/25...Obligatory Card Game         

4/25....Uncle Dan walks Babci to the car.         

4/25....The grandmothers, eyes wide shut.         

4/25....Obligatory family photo.         

4/25....Meanwhile, at home Steve, Eric, Mom and Abby went to the Olive Garden for their Easter Dinner.
         Photo by Mom

4/25....Abby on Easter.         Photo by Mom

4/28....Been trying to make Detroit Style Pizza lately. This one gets a B+.         

4/28....Next door, this morning.         

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