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September 2010 Family Photos

09/06....We open September with Steve's birthday!         

09/06....Instead of "Happy Birthday," we sang the Polish "Sto Lat," which was expertly led by Sam!         

09/06....Waiting for the cake.         

09/06....After dinner songs.         

09/06....Was great fun.         

09/06....Sam's friends Tyler and Diamond spent the weekend.         

09/06....Thea deadheads Dad's Butterfly plant.         

09/06....Maggie and Steve at Sam's first football game of the year.         Sam's team won, but lost the 2nd game.

09/06....Not the worst spelling of our name.         

09/17....In case he gets lost.         

09/17....Mike tours the University of Michigan.         

09/17....He liked it, but probably won't go there..         

09/17....We stopped in to see some relatives, including Aunt Danette, Uncle dDan and Auntie Laura's new doggie.         

09/17....Thea and Mom are in Indianapolis!         

09/24....Mary's childhood friend Dilya and her son.         

09/24....Late night Calc         

09/24....Sam interviewed by TV10 news         

09/24....Dad got a few words in as well
         For those who dont know why we were interviewed, click here.

Dan and Tom's Annual Warbler-Watching trip to Magee Marsh

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