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October 2010 Family Photos

10/06....We open October with Babci's 87th birthday!         

10/06...."This is so silly! I don't feel 87!"         

10/06....Abby helps out.         

10/06....Sam is #82         

10/06....So far this year his team has 3 wins and 6 losses.         

10/06...."Football is much more fun this year, Dad!"         

10/06....Serenading Babci.         

10/06....That's Abby and Steve in the forefront.         

10/06....Our former exchange student Marianne, from Holland, visited us recently..
         Here she is with her husband Jan and their son Koen.

10/06....Jan, Marianne and Koen.         

10/06....Abby and Koen.         

10/06....It's "picture-day" for Thea.         

10/06....Sam playing the PS3 outdoors, on the big screen.         

10/08....Sam's first night game yesterday.
         It was played at a huge megachurch complex in suburban Columbus, complete with stands, many fans and artificial turf.

10/08....They lost 35-12, after falling behind 21-0 very early.         

10/08....The after-game prayer was followed with an after-game hotdog.
         And then the 70 mile ride home.

10/15....Steve, minutes before his MRI this past Tuesday.         

10/15....Congratulations, Mike. One of 34,000 in the country to receive this.         

10/15....Abby's 8th grade school photo.         

10/15....Babci makes a point.         

10/15....Just another day at our house.         

10/15....Thea and Sammy's classmate Diamond at Black Hand Gorge.         


10/15...."Dad, why do we have to stand under this stupid tree?"         

10/15....20 minutres later.         

10/15....The next day dad took Diamond and Sam to school.
         Diamond: "Sam, carry my bags in?" Sam: "No way!" Diamond: "SAM! My hands are full."

10/16....Thea turns 11!         

10/22....Last day of football practice.         

10/28....Ashley Hoffman, Tommy's childhood friend, and her brother Sean, a pal of Sammy's. RIP, Ashley.         

Dan and Tom's Annual Warbler-Watching trip to Magee Marsh

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