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May 2010 Family Photos

05/05....We are back after being down for 2 weeks with a nasty PC virus. We had to wipe everything and start over. Many thanks to Mike for his help in getting us back online. We start May with a photo of Mike and Abby going to the bus stop.          

05/05....Thea and Cammi scare off a Great Blue Heron.         

05/05....Guess who's wearing glasses?          

05/05....7:05 a.m.         

05/05....Ten feet away.          

05/05....Mom at work.         

05/06....Mike's last meet of the year.          

05/06....Minutes after the race ended, Mike gushed "Just 3 more weeks and CHINA!"         

05/07....Lovely Mom.          

05/17....While Dad was away a week, birdwatching, Mom decided to rearrange the cupboards and sent the following 3 photos to Dad.         

05/17....And she found tons of stuff, including some cornstarch that was dated 1998.          

05/17....Dad thought the cornstarch was "probably still good!"         

05/21....Mike took this one of Auntie Theresa.          

05/21....Sam won this award at his school's award night yesterday and he won "Middle School gym student of the year."         

05/21....Hammy and Babci.          

05/23.....Shadow, hard at work.         Photo by Mike

05/21....Dad, hard at work.          Photo by Mike

05/23.....Mike sends out this message to everyone!
         Mike took one photo to make this and while the lens was open, he "painted" the Chinese characters with the light from his i-Pod!!
And the message, in case you can't read Mandarin, is "Happy Summer!"

05/24....Babci and friend.          

05/24....Our old house in Indianapolis, where we lived from 1989-1992.          

05/24....Thomas and Tommy spotted in Chicago's Chinatown.          

05/31....5:45 a.m. as Mike prepares for China!          

05/31....Bye Mike!          

05/31....Speaking of Mike, he doesn't like our new couch, but one person does!          

Dan and Tom's Annual Warbler-Watching trip to Magee Marsh

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