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March 2010 Family Photos

03/04....We start March with a look back at Abby's 14th birthday!          

03/04....We take the party home.         

03/04....Some people sing along with their own birthday tribute. Abby doesn't.         

03/04....Abby gets diverted at the last minute.         

03/04....Cat in hand, the job can now be finished.         

03/04....All the kids who take Chinese at Mike's school get one of these.         

03/04....Explaining AP Chem.         

03/07....Taking the mail out.         

03/07....Noticed the camera         

03/16....Sunday afternoon.         

03/22....Obligatory trash talk after winning the game.         

03/22....Tommy stopped in Chicago!         

03/22....Thea and her friend Pacyn.         

03/28....Sam in his element.         

03/28....Auntie Annie sends in this of Jacob at the Pinewood Derby.         

03/28....And also this of Cousin Jamie at her fencing class.         

Dan and Tom's Annual Warbler-Watching trip to Magee Marsh

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Family portrait on intro page by Auntie Chris


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