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June 2010 Family Photos

06/03....We start June with a power failure, of course!          

06/04....One last wave as summer vacation begins.          

06/04....Ready for summer.          


06/16....Dad turns 60.          

06/16....Babci and Steve wait for the big blow out.          Photo by Sam

06/16.....The song.          Photo by Sam.

06/16....Abby has a job!          She's working about 12 hrs/week at the gym.

06/16.....In case you haven't seen this on Facebook.          Photo by Abby.

06/16....Sam getting his hair cut in Columbus.          

06/16.....Babci presents the mayor one of Auntie Theresa's glass art eggs, to give to an unsung city hero.          The "Good Egg Award."

06/16....The mayor is pleased.          

06/16.....The mayor, in turn, awards Babci a city paperweight.          

06/22....Mike is back from China with a fistful of Chinese money.          He had a GREAT time.

06/22.....The hat Mike brought Dad.          

06/25....Thea got this from a Chinese market.          

Dan and Tom's Annual Warbler-Watching trip to Magee Marsh

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