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July 2010 Family Photos

07/03....We start July with a look back 34 years today!         

07/06....Monday night dinner         

07/06....Babci at the 4th of July Fireworks.         

07/11....We prepare for Sam's 12th Birthday!         

07/11....In no hurry to blow out the candles.         

07/11....When he was younger he would get sad at moments like this and we saw a teeny bit of that this time, too.         

07/11....Sam rebounds!         

07/11....Loves his iPod Touch.         

07/18....Mike goes off to his month long Chinese camp.         

07/18....Dad stops for soup on the way up to see Grandma in Detroit.         

07/18....Thea shows us where Grams is staying.         

07/18....Taking Grams to dinner.         

07/18....At a waterpark in Michigan.         

07/18....Grandma and Babci meet again.         

07/18....Babci and Grandma 34 years ago.         

07/18....Babci and her life long friend, Phyliss.         

07/18....Thea has sashimi for lunch.         

07/18....Auntie Annie, Cousin Jamie and Thea.         

Dan and Tom's Annual Warbler-Watching trip to Magee Marsh

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Family portrait on intro page by Auntie Chris


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