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September 2009 Family Photos

09/02....We open September with football.         

09/02....Number 2 in action         

09/02....While Sam played, Thea kept busy nearby.         


09/02....We raid Abby's cell phone for photos!         

09/02....In Chicago last month we went to see "A Barrel of Monkeys," a very funny theater presentation.         

09/02....Mom and Mike heading downtown on the "El."         

09/02...In her last photo, we see that Abby nabbed this rainbow!         

09/04....Thea invents a swinging chair.         

09/04....Sam on one bus, Thea on the other.         


09/04....Jamie and Jake at the last ever Michigan State Fair.         Photos by Auntie Annie

09/04....Jake and Jamie.         

09/04....Getting off a spinning ride.         

09/06....Sam and his pal Mark, closing the pool season.         

09/06....Celebrating Steve's 21st in Columbus!         

09/11....Steve Hartley sends in a pic of last night's dinner.         

09/15....Happy Birthday Eric!         

09/15....The closer.         

09/16....Not feeling all that well.         


09/27.... A couple of fabulous shots, taken and created by Mike!         

09/27....He's everywhere!         

09/27....Steve Hartley's band was in Des Moines today and Steve sent this photo in of the group that preceded them.          

09/30....We finish the month with a 6:30 a.m. shot.         

Dan and Tom's Annual Warbler-Watching trip to Magee Marsh

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Family portrait on intro page by Auntie Chris


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