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November 2009 Family Photos

11/02....We open November with a look back at Halloween         Sam, Kammi and Thea!

11/02....Meanwhile, back at home, we had quite a crew passing out the candy         

11/02....Inside, the conversation flowed.         

11/02....Babci and Grace, our neighbor.         

11/02....Music, of course, soon broke out.         

11/02....On Saturday Steve Hartley cooked for everyone.         Great job, Steve!

11/02....Last minute help.         

11/02....Getting ready to eat.         

11/02....Steve cooked Mexican and it was great.         

11/02....Sunday Morning.         

11/02....At the same time, 2 rooms away.         

11/04....So inventive!
         The small print reads "I hate any body that talks to me!"

11/14....After school nap.         

11/14....Stuck         Photo by Thea

11/15....Message from Thea.         

11/15....Brother and Sister.         


11/19....Note found on kitchen sink at 6 this morning.         

11/20....Ready for the Big Game.         

11/27....Thanksgiving 2009         

11/28....On the day after, Abby's wrist hurt and Tommy baked bread.         

11/28....Dad and Mom sneak away on a date.         

11/28....Auntie Theresa cleaned up.         

11/28....Afterwards, a serious game of Trivial Pursuit broke out.         

11/28....Tommy's bread, by the way, was fantastic.
         Light and airy, yet the crust was tantalizingly crisp. It went so well with fresh mozarella and olive oil that Tommy was urged to become a baker.

11/28....The aunties brought their doggies and this is what they thought about Tommy's bread.         

Dan and Tom's Annual Warbler-Watching trip to Magee Marsh

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Family portrait on intro page by Auntie Chris


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