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May 2009 Family Photos

05/01....We open May with Thea in her annual dance recital         

05/01....Our little dancer!         

05/01....Good job, Thea.         

05/01....Due to her sprained ankle, Abby had to watch along with her Godparents, Steve and Sheryl.         


05/01....Meanwhile, goodbye old friend.
         We gave it to a Christian group in Columbus who will teach young people car mechanics and then sell it.

05/01....Final tally.         

05/01....Last glimpse         

05/03....Happy 30th birthday, sweet Mary!         

05/04....Jamie and Jacob make their First Communion.         

05/04....Afterwards a card game broke out between Uncle Tom, Sam and Jacob.         

05/04....Aunt Danette and Abby.         

05/04....Grandma and Sam         

05/04....Dodging Dutchess.         

05/04....Muffin and Sam         

05/04....Goodbye Dutchess.         

05/04....One last lick.         

05/04....Seven hours and 240 miles later.         

05/05....Introducing Koen Nicolaas van Asperen.
         Koen is the newborn son of our former exchange student Marianne.

05/05....Koen, Marianne and Jan.         

05/05....Grandmother Tonny and baby Koen.         

05/22....Auntie Chris sends in a few photos and we start with this one of Steve and Sam.         Photo by Auntie Chris

05/22....Sam.         Photo by Auntie Chris

05/22....Thea.         Photo by Auntie Chris

05/22....Abby.         Photo by Auntie Chris

05/22....Not happy.         Photo by Auntie Chris

05/22....Seconds later.         Photo by Auntie Chris

05/22....Mike.         Photo by Auntie Chris

05/22....Seconds later.         Photo by Auntie Chris

05/22....Auntie Annie sends in this photo!         Photo by Auntie Annie

05/22....Seconds later.         Photo by Auntie Annie

05/22....Jamie at her First Communion and Auntie Danette         Photo by Auntie Annie

05/22....Mike, in yellow, in the middle of the photo.
         Running Leg 3 of the District Finals 4x800, Wednesday afternoon

05/22....Run, Mike!         

05/22....His foursome finished 9th out of 16.
         Mike did pass one person. helping his team.

05/22....Ninety minutes later, in the 400 meter Dash
         Mike finished 6 of 9...good for a sophomore.

05/22....Seconds later         

05/22....Yay, Mike!         He gets a school letter next week.

05/22....Meanwhile, Sam noodling.         

05/25....Thea and her friend Wendy         

05/25....Memorial Day.         

Abby is back from her 6th grade trip to Washington D.C. and took many, many photos! Here are some:

one        two      three      four      five      six      seven      eight      nine      ten      eleven      twelve     
thirteen      fourteen      fifteen      sixteen      seventeen      eighteen      nineteen      twenty     

05/27....Thea's last day of school!
         The only day all year she ran in. Mike and Abs have a week yet, Sam has two weeks.

Click Here  to see Dan and Tom's 2009 Magee Marsh Slideshow on Youtube!

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Family portrait on intro page by Auntie Chris


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