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March 2009 Family Photos

03/02....We start March with an emotional Abby turning 13!         

03/02....A few hours later, all is well         

03/02....Steve stopped over to do laundry today and to play us some music.
         Steve was working on the late Elliot Smith's crescendo, Can't Make A Sound.

03/02....Happy girl.         

03/02....Mike, sick all night, rallies as only the young can do.         

03/04....Moments after getting home from school
         on a day both kids didn't feel well, but went in anyway.

03/07....Mom gets some last hugs before going to Boston for the week.         

03/07...."Bye, Mom-ster!"          

03/08....Sam's pal, Gary, really likes catsup.         

03/08....One of Tommy's grade school friends stopped to say hi         

03/08...."Abby, that stuff is disgusting!"         

03/08....Babci gets a vistor.
         "Be sure to tell Kathy that we will miss her at Bible Study tonight!"

03/08....Cuzzie Jamie gets swallowed by a real shell!         Photo by Auntie Annie.

03/08....Jake's turn!         


03/11....Poor kitty         

03/13....Mike gets ready for track season.         He got four.

03/13....Thea finally gets her School Dress         

03/13....Tommy sent in this photo from our old neighborhoood.         Conant Ave.

03/14....Sammy welcomes Mom back from Boston!         

03/17....Playing with cornstarch         


03/17....Ready for St. Patrick's Day.         

03/21....Abby gets her braces off!!         

03/24....We got a 3 inch strawberry from Kroger yesterday.         It was good!

03/30....Abby finds an injured Downy Woodpecker.         

03/30....Mom responds to a Bejeweled Challenge on Auntie Chris' Facebook page.         


03/30....Dad and Sam go new-car shopping!         

03/30...."No, son, we are not going to buy a Corvette."         


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