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June 2009 Family Photos

Dan and Tom's Annual Warbler-Watching trip to Magee Marsh

06/21....After being away for nearly a month, we reopen with Mike's birthday.
         We celebrated 2 days early because Mike will be leaving for his month-long Chinese camp tomorrow. The "22" on the cake stands for base 7.

06/21....Mom chose an ice cream cake, with a toy car on it, for Mike
         But Dad dropped it in the garage, causing the car to skid off the road.

06/21....The aftermath of the accident.         

06/21....We jump back earlier in the month to Sam's last day of school.         

06/21....We also had our driveway repaved in the last month.         

06/21....Thea continued to experiment with hair styles.         

06/21....This one lasted four days.         

06/21....And while we were away, Mike lettered in track.
         He also hacked into our "cast" page here and left a funny edit, which we'll leave up for a few days.

06/21....Thea prepares for braces.         

06/21....The mayor, in yellow, prepares to release the runners, including Dad who took this photo, for the Zanesville to Dresden 10K run yesterday.         

06/21....Auntie Ann sends this in of Jamie getting honors in her 6th grade class.         

06/21....Our first exchange student Claudia sends in these photos of her new baby Anna.         

06/21....Anna gets baptized.         

06/21....Enjoying dinner.         

06/21....She's lovely. Thanks for the photos, Claudie!         

06/23....Steve helping Babci out.         

06/23....Meanwhile, Abby insisted we stop traffic to help this guy out.
         "He never stuck his head out!"

06/23....New cook in the house.         

06/23....Mike wouldn't let me take a goodbye photo as he left for camp, but this was the photo he used on his camp "passport."         

06/24....We try something different this year.         

06/24....Looking up.         

06/24....Thea's turn.         


06/24....Dad's turn.         


06/24....Waiting for Dad to finish.         

06/30....Thea and her best friend Kammi picking berries while Dad runs nearby on the Dresden Bike Trail.         

06/24....A few hours later, Thea and Kammi had ringside seats as Dad donated blood.         

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