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July 2009 Family Photos

07/03....We open July with a message from Thea.         

07/03....And then we take a look back at Dad, running 2 weeks ago, finishing his 10k.          

07/04....Happy Independence Day.
          Tommy sends along this link. to explain why Mom baked that cake.

07/06....Our birding friend Jonathan Isaac sends in this photo.          
And here's Jonathan, his Dad Bryan and his Mom Sue when the above photo was taken.          
Jonathan, by the way, had a fabulous spring.

07/07....While Sam played in a Yugioh card tourney for 3 hrs, inside, Dad and cousin Jake waited patiently.         

07/07....Abby leaves for girl scout camp with cousin Jamie         

07/07....Thea and Jake.          Thea will be at camp as well.

07/07....They'll be gone for 9 days.         

07/07....Enjoying being the only kid in the house this week.         

07/10....Sam meditates on being eleven.         


07/10....Babci, Eric and Scooter, waiting for the cake and ice cream.         

07/10....Lighting his own cake.         


07/10....Reverting to olden days when he didn't like being sung to on his birthday.
          We take a look back at 2002when Sam ran away from his birthday cake..

07/10....Huffing and puffing 2009.         

07/13....Auntie Annie sends in a photo from Jake's 9th birthday party.          

07/16....At Grandma's we sang Happy Birthday to cousins Jake and Sam.         


07/16....Uncle Ben.         


07/16....Cousin Patrick.         

07/16....Cousins Jake and Jamie in dialogue.          

07/16....Jake and his Dad.         

07/16....These two didn't join in....          

07/22....We have photos of Mike at his month-long, Concordia College Chinese camp in western Minnesota!
          It was a total immersion camp.

07/22....With friends and his teacher.          

07/22....A third photo.         

07/22....In study hall which they had every day for 75 minutes.          

07/22....With friends.         

07/22....They only ate Chinese food.          

07/22....Class photo.         

07/22....Abby on her way to her week-long Irish Dance camp.
         Abby had just gone to Girl Scout camp in Northern Michigan, including Mackinac Island.

07/22....Goodbye photo: "Dad, put away that camera."         

07/22....Dad got a text message 5 minutes later: "Abby forgot her dance bag."
         Mom then drove to Columbus and met Dad who then drove back to Dayton.

07/22....It was after 4 by the time Dad picked up Sam from Babci's. He had been there 9 hours.         

07/22....Sam starts working out with our friend Phillip.          His friend Sean helped out, too.

07/22....Thea has a different style of working out.         So Dad never came close to hitting her.

07/22....Sam worked hard          

07/22....Thea did too.         

07/22....Thea, later, had a unique perspective during Dad's tennis lesson.          

07/22....Dad gets lectured.         

07/22....Mom at Tlaquepaque.          

07/26....Experimenting with dry ice.         

07/26....More science.          

07/26....Home from dance camp!         

07/28....Helping out.          

07/28....Stopping for just a second.         

07/28....Out of hiding.          

Dan and Tom's Annual Warbler-Watching trip to Magee Marsh

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