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February 2009 Family Photos

02/02....We start February by finally taking down the Christmas Tree.
         It's kind of fitting to take down the tree on February the 2nd, by the way, because it is the feast of "The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple," also known though the years as "Candlemas." Traditionally, Candlemas had been the last feast day in the Christian year that was dated by reference to Christmas. Subsequent moveable feasts are calculated with reference to Easter.

02/02....Dad's Helpers.         

02/06....Thea comforts our dog, Scooter, while Scooter is having a seizure.         

02/13....Yes, another Power Failure!         18 hrs, this time.

02/13....Getting ready for school with no power is not the same as it was 20 years ago.         

02/15....Mom and Dad get ready to renew their vows!         Photos by Tommy.

02/15....Our vow-renewal party.         

02/15....And we begin.         

02/15....A quiet moment.         

02/15....Two as one.         

02/15....Both Mom and Dad got new rings.         

02/15....View from the side.         

02/15....Final Blessing.         

02/15....Not sure what Mike saw, but he also took photos which will be posted later.         

02/16....Sam, enjoying his morning off from school.         

02/16....Making friends.         

02/16....An hour later.         

02/17....Thea, wearing 3 of Mom's slips and Sam wearing two.         

02/17....The lovely flowers Aunts Kathy, Danette and Annie and Grandma sent last week.         Many Thanks!

02/22...."Dad, Look!"         

02/22....Special Delivery         

02/22....Teasing his sisters with a dead frog.         "Wusses!"

02/22....Auntie Kathy sends in two pieces of her art.         

02/22....Very nice, Sis!         

02/26....Sam and Thea dissect a dead frog they found in a creek.         

02/27....Tuesday was Paczki Day, which meant Babci was delivering donuts!         

02/27....In all the years we've been doing this, it has never snowed!         

02/27....Leaving the mayor's assistant a little message.         

02/27....Taking paczki to the Press.          

02/27....Spreading the Gospel of Paczki!         

02/27....The fabulous National Acrobats of China were in town last night and 14 women were on that bike!          

02/27....Everyone loved it and Sam nabbed autographs afterwards!         

02/27....Time Flies.          

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