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December 2009 Family Photos

12/02....We open December with a look back at Thanksgiving 2009         

12/02....The finished product.         

12/07....The baby of this family.         

12/10....Steve shows up early Sunday morning to go to Cincinnati.         

12/10....Three hours later, at the very, very cold Paul Brown Stadium in Cincy, with Uncle Henry, Steve, Eric and Sam.         

12/10....Sometimes being 45 minutes early is not such a good thing.         

12/10....Sammy's team, the Bengals, trounced our team, the Lions, 23-13.         

12/10....The long walk back to the car.         

12/10....Steve just had to jump in on this begger's scene.
         Yes, we gave the dude a five spot.

12/10....Thea learns the main riff from "Smoke on the Water."         

12/10....Mom reads the New Yorker on Wednesday night, 10 p.m., during yet another power failure.
         This one lasted 23 hours.

12/10....Checking out our neighbor's misfortune.         

12/10...."Only one photo, Thea. The wind chill is four degrees."         

12/14....This might be the last year we get a real tree.         

12/14....It takes three hours from start to finish to bring home the tree.
         That includes looking at 45 trees we would never buy and lunch in Granville.

12/14....The people who actually make the 3 hour trek wouldn't mind getting a fake tree.         

12/14....On the bus ride back to the parking lot we agreed to wait until next year to decide.
         But we may limit the vote!

12/18.....Three photos of Thea at the gym.         one         two         three

12/24....Christmas Present.         

12/26....Christmas 2009.         

12/28....Mary examines the incredible box of goodies we got from Holland.
         Thank You Tonny and Nico!

12/28....Steve H and a local ferret meet up.         

12/28....Sam and Steve T.         

12/28....Sam and Mary.         

12/28....Sam and Steve H.         

12/28....Sam and Babci.         

12/28....Abby and her new pet, Nibbles.         


Dan and Tom's Annual Warbler-Watching trip to Magee Marsh

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