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August 2009 Family Photos

08/03....We open August with two photos of Babci at the St Nicholas Parish Festival.         

08/03....And a few minutes later.          

08/03....Thea also enjoyed herself.         

08/03....Still having fun the next morning.          

08/03....Grandma's Birthday!         It's not a cake and it's certainly not 81 candles!

08/03....Grams and Jake duel at Pokemon.         

08/03....Dad and Auntie Annie last month.         

08/03....Thea's turn.         

08/03....Her new look.         

08/04....Happy Birthday, Mom!         

08/04....After the first day of football practice.         

08/04....Thea is stunned.         

08/04....Sam in his element, at "The Soldiery," in their weekly, 4 hour Yugioh tourney .         

08/04...."Dad, get me in a photo with the pigs!"         

08/04....Such nice form.         

08/17....In Chicago, Sam and brother in law Steve battle it out.         

08/17....While in the next room Babci cooked.         

08/17....On their porch.         

08/17....Thea is easy to read when she tires.         

08/17....For some reason it became very important to stop here.         

08/17....Babci at a Polish market.         

08/17....Next door at a Polish bakery. The baker had never heard of Hamtramck!         

08/17....Son-in-law Steve took Dad out and wouldn't say where they were going. He asked Dad if he had ever fired a gun---if he liked fast boats---if he liked to gamble--and then pulled up in front of a home, 1/2 mile from the ghetto, and asked Dad if he had $40 for a "package." Steve insisted Dad come into the house and this is what we found.         

08/17....It was a private, 3 hour, South Indian Cooking class!
         what a great gift! The class is run by Chef Ranjana Bhargava in her home.

08/17....Steve at work.         

08/17....The best part was eating what we cooked.         

08/24....Some of these photos from the new Iphone are not too bad.         

08/24....It needs a flash, however.         

08/24....Abby at her first day of Cross Country practice.         

08/24....Before Abby was allowed to run, however, she did have to get five of these..         

08/24....The pool has a policy of staying open unless there is thunder. It was absolutely pouring the other day, with no thunder, and Sam and his 2 pals insisted on staying in the water.         

08/24....Sam is the first to dive back in.         

08/24....Half an hour later.         

08/24....Meanwhile, 20 feet away, Thea was also napping.         

08/26....Thea's ready for her new school.         

08/26....Mike and Abby off to their schools         

08/26....We visit Steve at work.         

08/31....Outside our church.         

Dan and Tom's Annual Warbler-Watching trip to Magee Marsh

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