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March 2008 Family Photos

03/01....It's Abby's birthday!         

03/01....Abby and her friends Dakota and Michelle.         


03/01....Her pink gift.         

03/01....Babci makes a point.         

03/01....Steve puts Sam to sleep.         

03/03....Mom came home from work, ill, and joined Abby, who was already home sick, for lunch.         

03/04....Dad's birding buddy Dan sends in this photo from his recent trip to Puerto Rico.         

03/07....Remember the print of some shorebirds that Dad made Mary and Steve for Christmas?
         Well, Son Steve found a different use for the print.

03/08....All roads and stores are closed, so Thea ponders.         

03/09....After helping Dad shovel 14" off the driveway.         

03/09....Fed up with snow and watching TV, we went into town today.         

03/09....Having fun.         

03/09....Thea and Abby.         


03/09...."Beat ya!"         

03/10....The weather caused two of our kids to have a 2-hour delay, one school was cancelled and one had school as usual.         

03/11....Dad tries a new method to circulate food.         3 hours later Mike tore the sign in protest.

03/16....Sam gets ready for his Saturday class.         

03/16....Abby, going to Columbus to dance, waves goodbye to Thea.         

Palm Sunday....One   two    three    four      

In the backyard an entirely different dynamic was taking place....One   two    three    four      

03/20....Abby hooks up with her Godparents, Steve and Sheryl, in snowy Columbus.         

03/20....Thea brings Dad his cutting board.         

03/21....Auntie Annie sends in this photo from Whole Foods from her cell phone.         

03/21....Dad's photo, on his cell phone from a Columbus Whole Foods, is not as sharp.
         Score one for the IPhone over the Treo

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