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January 2008 Family Photos

01/01....Family photos from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day.         

01/04....The boys have their fun.         

01/05....Moving the turtles to their new tank.         

01/05....Abby chips in.         

01/07....Steve returns to school.         

01/14....Mom helps Thea prepare for her First Holy Communion which will be on Mother's Day.         

01/16....Abby picked up the camera and took these end of the day photos of Dad and Mom.         

01/16....Within 3 minutes of being home Thea whips up an after-school treat.         "Yay, Daddy! It's a no homework day!"

01/16....Within 3 minutes of being home Sam whips some intergallactic video butt.         "No homework, Dad, and I have no freakin' clue why."

01/16....Within 3 minutes of being home Abby was doing homework!         

01/20....Mom dug up three old photos of Mary and her childhood friend Michelle from back in Indianapolis.
         Here is the Halloween costume Mom made them!
         Here is the rear view.

01/22....Abby's new bracelet.         

01/22....Mom and Thea at the annual Martin Luther King, Jr Breakfast yesterday.         Photo by Abby

01/24....Dad's birding buddy, Dan Lynch, sent in the next two photos from his trip to Puerto Rico         

01/24....Thanks, Dan!          

01/25....Strange how the auto-focus focused on the snowflakes and not Abby.         

01/26....Thea tries something new.          

01/26....Closer look.         

01/27....Abby and Sammy getting along.         


01/27...."Dad, look! I am jumping on water!"         

01/27....Finally took apart the couch and found: 4 AA batteries, 3 lighters, 10 pens, 1 pipe cleaning utensil, 3 nail clippers, $11.24 in loose change and one I-Pod.         

01/30....Yet another two-hour delayed school start this morning.         

01/30...."It's not fair," was the complaint as Abby did not have a 2 hour delay and had to stand in zero degree temps to catch her bus.         

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