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February 2008 Family Photos

02/02....We ended January with Abby complaining that she and Sam had to go to school on time while Mike's and Thea's schools had 2 hour delays. But today we heard no Abby complaints as her and Sam's schools were out because of declared snow days while Mike and Thea had to go in.
         Note the complete lack of snow.

02/03....Thea in her Saturday basketball league         

02/03....Abby, refusing to leave the car and join us at the local Mexican eatery because of a perceived slight.         

02/06....Yesterday was the day before Ash Wednesday and that can only mean but one thing in our family!         

02/06....Picking up the Paczki.         

02/06....Taking Paczki to the mayor's office.         

02/06....Alas, the mayor wasn't in.         

02/06....After taking some to the local newspaper office, Babci then hits the TV station.         

02/06....After a few more stops, we finished up by taking 2 dozen to the gym.         

02/06....Enjoying the break in the temps.         

02/08....Auntie Annie sends in this photo of Jamie and Grandma.         

02/08....She also sends in one from Auntie Laurie's 40th birthday party.         

02/10....Steve and Grace stop by before taking Mike to a Chinese New Year Celebration at Ohio State.         

02/10....Testing the 30 mph winds.         

02/10....Thea left her water balloon outdoors overnight and was delighted with the result.         

02/10...."Would you hurry up, Dad? This thing is COLD!"         

02/10....Mary sends in these photos of their housewarming/ bluegrass concert last week!         

02/10....Happy minglers.         

02/10....That's Steve in the middle!         

02/10....Congratulations, Mary and Steve!         

02/11....Tommy sends in this photo of the view from his front porch.         

02/12....No school...snow day.         

02/12....Meanwhile Abby does her homework.         writing her spelling words in whipped cream!

02/12....After helping Dad shovel for over an hour.         

02/12....No need to drive to a hill to sled on.         

02/12....Abby blasts Sammy.         

02/12....One of about 40 trips up the driveway.         

02/13....Two different ways to face winter.         Yes, today was yet another snow day!

02/18....Enjoying President's Day.         

02/18....Chasing big sis.         

02/18....Chasing little sis.         

02/18....Night storm.         Photo by Mike.

02/20....The kids were disappointed this morning. No 2 hour delay.
         19 degrees, and snowing and he refused to wear a coat!

02/20....Easily the house champ in "Guitar Hero."         

02/21....Steve's new look.         

02/21....Mike helps Mom set up her new machine.         

02/21....Samantha, Mike and Dad at 10:33 p.m..         

02/22....Yep, yet another Snow Day.         

02/22...."Look, Dad! The snow looks like Texas and Ohio!"         

02/22....Thea and her best friend Cammi.         

02/24....Tommy was home this weekend!         

02/22....Despite having a stress fracture in two bones from dancing, Mike practices on "one foot only."         

02/25....While we're on the subject, Tommy sends in this image of Ohio.         

02/27....Auntie Annie sends in this photo of Jacob swimming.         

02/27....Yep, Wednesday was yet another Snow Day.         

02/28....Thursday: Mike and Thea have another Snow Day this 15 degree morning, but Sam and Abs had school as usual.         

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