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August 2008 Family Photos

08/01....We open August with a look back at the last weekend in July and our trip up to Cousin Christopher's wedding in Michigan.
         We started the weekend by picking up Abby from dance camp in Dayton, Friday morning, and then the 8 of us headed up to Detroit.

08/01....Sam and Thea briefly disappeared at a rest stop.         

08/01....Meanwhile, Mom left for Michigan from Notre Dame where she successfully finished her Masters the day before. We were to meet at the hotel in Utica, Michigan but actually saw Mom on the road about 8 miles from our destination, so we pulled into a parking lot for a quick joyful reunion.         

08/01....Emotions were high.         Yay, Mom!

08/01....Steve T congratulates Mom.         

08/01....Mary and Steve were waiting for us at the hotel.         

08/01....Aunt Theresa and Babci join us while we wait for dinner at the Macaroni Grill.
         Thea threw up on the table 45 minutes later.

08/01....On to the wedding and here's a gussied-up Cousin Christopher greeting us, just minutes prior to its start.         

08/01....And so it begins.
         Father referred to Alicia as "Alice" for 4/5ths of the entire ceremony, including the vows, but recovered nicely near the end with both humility and humor, "Alicia, earlier when I spoke to Alice, did you think I was speaking to you?"

08/01....Father blesses the couple.         That grin of Chris's stayed put all day.


08/01...."You may kiss the bride."         

08/01....Last second advice, and then it was over.         

08/01....Back at the house, Aunt Janine describes her favorite part of the ceremony.         

08/01....Relaxing on what had to be one of the hottest days of the year.         

08/01....Passing time before we headed out to the hall.         

08/01....Time to eat!         

08/01....Having fun.         

08/01...."Mr. Al."         

08/01....Tommy and cousins Erin, Betsy and Molly.         

08/01....First dance as a married couple.
         Note that Chris's moustache is gone!

08/01....Babci and Auntie Ann cut the rug.         

08/01....The last dance.         

08/01....While everyone sang "The Piano Man," the married couple took to the spotlight one last time.         

08/01....Billy Joel would have been proud.
         A family member later said "That last song was so corny, but it was GREAT!!"

08/01....One last twirl.         

08/01....The early reviews were excellent         

08/01....Sunday, opening gifts.
         "We got 7 food processors!!" For the record, 32 years earlier Mom and I got 7 crockpots!

08/01....Grandma celebrates her 80th birthday Tuesday so we all wished her the very best birthday possible.         

08/01....On the way back to Ohio, Steve T reflects on one fast and furious weekend.         

08/01....Auntie Annie sent in some photos and here's one of Aunt Danette, Grandma, Auntie Kathy, Dad and Auntie Ann.         

08/01....Babci and Annie.         

08/01....Dad and Mom.         

08/01....Mom and Abs.         

08/01....Thea, Jacob, Dad, Mary and Uncle Tom.         

08/01....Uncle Ben         

08/01....Cousin Dave's entrance during the earlier wedding couple announcements.
         Previous seven photos sent in by Auntie Ann

08/05....Thea at our parish festival last week.         

08/05....Side by side.         

08/05....Sam and Cousin Jamie.         

08/05....Abs and Thea head off for a week with Godmother Sheryl and Godfather Steve!         

08/08....Auntie Ann sends in 3 more wedding photos, starting with one of Laura.         



08/09....Mike, last Saturday evening, at the Dublin Irish Festival.         

08/09....He was not feeling well that night or the night before, but gamely went on.         

08/09....Abby danced twice on Sunday.         

08/09....It won't be long before Abs has her own solo dress, like the other dancers in this photo.         

08/09....Abby and her partner, Julia.         

08/09....Mike felt better the third and last day of the Festival.         

08/09....And he did a great job!         

08/09....One last dance!         

08/10....Mid-August Ritual.         

08/10....One wants in; one wants out.         

08/10....Dad and Mom.         Photo by Auntie Annie

08/12....Mike boards the plane on his way to 2 week Mandarin-language camp.
         The day before, however, he was in a much more accepting mood. one.      two.       three.

08/12...."Some day, Dad. Some day!"         

08/15....We reclaim Abby and Thea after 8 days at Godmother Sheryl's and Godfather Steve's.         

08/15....Thea was also happy.         

08/15....Goodbye, Norman!         


08/15....Junior Golf ends for the summer.         

08/15....Sam "hates" golf, because it's "too slow," but he's actually decent.         

08/15....Thea never really cared what her score was.
         She finished today with 20 for one hole.

08/15....Sam had 8.         

08/15....Guess who didn't get a ride back to the parking lot!         

08/17....Mom bought matching sweatshirts, for her and Dad, and presented them in a rather unique fashion.         

08/17....Sam's delayed 10th birthday party!         

08/17....2 hours of fun in the sun...and pizza.         

08/17....Happy Birthday to Sam         

08/17....Enjoying his moment.         

08/17....Sad the party was over.         

08/19....Our former exchange student, Marianne, returns to visit with her Mom, Toni, and Dad, Nico.
         Marianne was with us in 1997-98 and is from Holland.

08/20....Thea is the first one back to school!         

08/20....Settling into third grade.         

08/21....Thea's idea.         Photo by Thea.

08/22....Mom gets her diplo ma!         

08/22....Mom and Abby head to Detroit for a fitting for Abby's new Irish Dancing Dress.         

08/25....Sam's first day of school.
         Abby and Mike start next week. Thea's been in a week already.

08/28....Abby's new Irish Dancing Dress.         

08/31....The opening of football season.
         That's Sam in the white pants, on the left.

08/31....Halftime, and it was hot.         

08/31....Sam played every down on offense and defense.         

08/31....Racing down field.         They won, 13-0

08/31....We finish August at the Downtown Rib-Fest
         That's Uncle Henry in the forefront--on the left. Aunt Theresa at the top left, and Steve third from the bottom right.

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