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April 2008 Family Photos

04/01....We open April with photos from Auntie Ann and Uncle Ben's house.         

04/01....Tommy did not have the same relationship with Dutchess.         

04/01....Mike and Muffin.         


04/01....Computer talk with Uncle Ben.         

04/01....Cousin Jamie         

04/01....Tommy writes the phrases "love," "trust," and "passion" in Cyrillic, Polish and Spanish.         

04/01....On Easter, Tommy and Grandma talked about his upcoming trip to Russia         

04/01....Cousin Daniel taught everyone the game "BS."         And won every game

04/01....Since Thanksgiving Dad has lost 30 lbs.         10 more to go...Photo by Mike

04/01....Aunt Danette and Uncle Dan         

04/01....Cousins Patrick and Daniel.         

04/01....Tommy says goodbye.         

04/01....On our way to Ciocia's funeral in Toronto. She was 102.         

04/01....The funeral reception was held in a hall that reminded many of 1962.         

04/01....Cousin Bill thanks all for attending his Babci's funeral.         

04/01....Staying out of trouble.         

04/01....Cousin Larraine does not have green hair!         

04/01....Uncle Dan and cousin Alan.         

04/01....Bill and Dad say goodbye.         Photo by Auntie Annie.

04/01....R.I.P., Cioc.         

04/02....Tommy sends in some photos from Moscow!
         1. "Lenin is all over the place here. I live on Leningradskiy prospekt, go to school on Leninskiy prospekt, there is a huge bust of Lenin in my metro station, and this is on my bookshelf"
         2. "This is Putin's office at the Kremlin."
         3. "Trinity Gate at the Kremlin. This is as far as Napoleon got. A bunch of his cannons are stacked up in front of the arsenal, the building on the right."
         4. "The Tsar Cannon. It's big."
         5. "The Tsar Bell, also really big."
         6. "Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin."
         7. "Cathedral of the Ascension. This is where the tsars were baptised, married, etc. The domes are all gilded, which my picture fails to capture."

04/04....Thea and her friend Kammi enjoy yet another day off from school.         Teacher's conferences this time.

04/04....Sammy tries salad for the very first time!         

04/06....Abby loves to hold our cat, Shadow.         

04/06....Thea and her wild hair.         

04/06....Dad and Mom went to a reunion last week of Dad's long-extinct grade school and here are old best friends Greg, Jerry and Sue.
         And, in the background, here are Greg, Jerry and Sue almost 32 years ago at Mom and Dad's wedding.

And here are photos of    Jerry       Greg      and       Dad from 44 years ago.
And here are photos of    Greg      and     Dad      from 3rd grade, 50 years ago. Apparently Jerry was in the other class and we have no photo. However, here's a photo from 1979 of Jerry and Dad and their firstborns, Susan Sarah and Mary.

04/06....On our trip to Toronto last week Abby cut her foot on a step in the pool and could not swim with her cousins.         

04/06....Dad, trying to watch Sam practice baseball, became perturbed with a teasing Abby who would not put down his phone.         Photo by Abby

04/08....Abby and her tutor, Nan.         

04/11....In keeping with our 2 photos last month of family members at various Whole Foods, Steve Hartley sends in a photo of Mary in a Chicago Whole Foods.         

04/13....Thea at her friend Mikayla's birthday party.         

04/13....All the girls.         

04/16....Happy to be home.         

04/16....Strange quill.         

04/16....What an artist!         

04/20....Friend Marta stopped for dinner and the Polish was flying between her and Babci.         

04/20....Thea, eating dinner outside after storming away from the dinner table over a perceived slight of some sort.         

04/20....Dad, at the camera shop.         

04/20....Mom helps Thea put her wig on for the big, annual Irish Dance Recital held last night in Columbus.         

04/20....Abby always gets a little nervous before performing and exhibits it by getting angry with Mom.         

04/20....But just one practice jump puts Abs in the right mood.         

04/20....Mike was the first to perform.         

04/20....Right in step.         

04/20....Nice height!         

04/20....Then it was Thea's turn!         

04/20....That's her on the far right.         

04/20....Then it was Abby's turn!         

04/20....The eight hand reel.         

04/20....Up on their toes.         

04/20....Thea and her group's first hard shoe dance.         

04/20....Mike, on the far left, with the Senior Dancers.         

04/20....Nice air, Mike         

04/20....One final stomp.         

04/20....Godmother Sheryl and Godfather Steve were there, too.         

04/28....The kids play "Four Square," the rules of which neither Dad nor Mom know.         

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