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01/01....We open the year, at midnight, rather sleepily.
         We were obviously wiped out from our weekend Pittsburgh trip

01/01....Abs was awake, barely.         

01/01....Mom had to be awakened.          

01/01....Sam attempted to beat some pots and pans.         

01/01....Mike wasn't too excited.          

01/01....Babci was here, too.         

01/01....Abby, earlier, at the Pittsburgh Winter Feis.          

01/01....A different view.         

01/01....During a break Mike helps Abby with some steps.          

01/01....Abby follows through.         

01/01....Abby with her medals, one first and two seconds.         

01/01....Mike starts.         

01/01....Early in his first dance.         

01/01....Left foot forward         



01/01....Airborne II.         

01/01....Mike also had one first and one second!         

01/03....It's an exciting day here as Tommy returns to college!
         This gives us three in college!

01/08....Mary sent in these photos of the bluegrass group she and Steve are in.         

01/08....A better view.         

01/10....Thea says goodbye.
         Her school was on a 2 hour weather delay while Abby's was not.

01/10....Enjoying their 2 hours.         

01/13....Tommy called Dad for a ride home Sunday night about 9:30. After Desperate Housewives ended at 10, Dad set out to get him, but noted the radio did not work. When Tommy got into the car he remarked that the headlights seemed dim. Dad then noticed that the power windows didn't work, but he set out for home nonetheless. The car lights got dimmer and dimmer and Tommy started pressing Dad to pull over, but Dad resisted, "We can make it!" Finally, just before entering the last two mile hilly and pitch-black no-phone area Dad VERY reluctantly relented and pulled over. The car then had only the weakest of beams. As they waited for Eric the car slowly petered out, finally stalling permanently. When Eric came, in a pouring rainstorm, Dad called the tow truck and the three of them waited for 25 minutes until he came. About sixty seconds prior, as Dad was trying to start his car for the 73rd time, a white flash shot across the landscape and all the lights in the area went off. "What did you do?" both Tommy and Dad screamed at each other. The tow truck guy thought it may have been lightning, but it turned out to be a transformer. Eric drove Dad and Tommy home, and the three of them found, of course, that the neighborhood for miles was suffering yet yet another power failure.
         Tommy remains convinced that Dad somehow set the whole thing off.

01/14....Sam during the two hour Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Memorial Breakfast.         

01/14....Phil was there as well.         

01/14....Our friend Charles Hawkins, who is our kids' dentist, received an award.         

01/14....Cassandra McDonald and Babci reconnect.         

01/14....The kids and our new Congressman, Zack Space.         

01/14....Event organizer and human dynamo Kathy Brantley and Cassandra McDonald.         


01/14...."Dad, you can't do this!"         

01/22....Goin' sledding.
         it's repetitively called "sled-riding" locally

01/22....Helping her brother.         

01/22....Great fun.         

01/22....Sam's turn.         

01/24....Mike finished fourth in defense of his city spelling bee title.
         The winner was quoted on the front page this morning: "as soon as Tabatowski was out, I knew I had a

01/24....Two Abby drawings.         one         two

01/25....Auntie Annie sends in this photo of Uncle Ben, Jamie and Jacob.         

01/26....Friday afternoon.         

01/28....Thea: 'Dad, this looks like you!"         

01/28....Sunday morning helper.         

01/28....Mike returns from North Carolina with hardware!
         He and Mom went to the Raleigh Feis.

01/28....Auntie Annie sends in this photo of a dancing Jacob.         

01/30....2 hour delay         

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