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December 2007 Family Photos

12/01....We open December with three signs Abby put up on Sammy's door.
          One   Two    Three

12/01....Morning chore         

12/04....Tuesday dinner         note Thea was still wearing her coat and her bookbag!

12/05....Dad on his way out at 11:30 p.m. to get Steve ciggies.         

12/07....Thea and her best friend Kammi         

12/07....Sam, waiting for the bus to his new school.         

12/09....A rainy Sunday afternoon         


12/10....The smile Sammy uses when he tries to charm his way through a situation gone awry.         

12/10....Mary sent in some photos of their newly rehabbed-house!         It looks great, you guys!
          One   Two    Three         Four   Five    Six

12/11....Auntie Ann sends in this photo of Aunt Danette.         

12/12....Thea, on the far left, reads her one line in last night's school Christmas Play.         
         Her line was "I am the Light of the World."

12/13....St. Nicholas Day candy from Holland arrives!         

12/13...."There is so much!"         

12/13...."Dad, look at this one!"
         Thanks so much Tonny, Nico and Marianne, especially for all of that Dutch licorice!

12/14....Christmas creeps closer.         


12/16....Glad it's Christmas season.         

12/17....Auntie Kathy sends in this photo of Uncle Tom plowing their driveway.         

12/17...."One week from tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!!"         


12/20....Mike at 10:45 p.m., making a Mexican puff ball dessert for Spanish class.         

12/22....Finishing touches.         

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