June 2006 Family Photos
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May 2006 Family Photos

5/01....We open May with Tommy's Birthday!         

5/01....Thea is denied!         

5/03....Steve Hartley's NPR debut!
         Great job, Steve.

5/05....At the gym.         

5/07...."Do not put my photo on your stupid website!!!"         

5/07....Racing through Spring.         

5/08....Aunt Theresa creates "Tommy's Mountain" for our new room!         

5/08....Spring in Ohio can only mean one thing.
         Flag Football!

5/17....The latest project!         

5/19....Mike dances at the Queen City Feis         

5/19....Our beautiful backyard.         

5/23....Backyard in progress.         

5/24....6:54 a.m.         

5/29....Thea's last day in kindergarten.
         Not only was it the last day of school, but it was also the last day the red plaid will ever be worn. After well over 100 years of co-existence and semi-animosity, St. Nicholas now merges with St. Thomas to form a new school, Bishop Fenwick. Anybody want to buy about 5 red-plaid skirts and about 20 red polo shirts?

5/30....Sammy's 1st lunch of summer vacation.         

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