Paczki Day 2002

Editor's Note: We start this year with two articles from today's Times Recorder. The first article, "Lenten season of sacrifice begins," was the above-the-fold headline and centers on the religious significance of Lent. However, halfway through it inexplicably swerves into a description of Paçzki. Then it oddly turns back into a religious article. If that were not bad enough, the paçzki part of the article is a direct steal from last year's article. My mother-in-law received much kidding last year about the "copy off of Italians" misquote and they had the gall to dredge that horrific line up again this year. The second article, "Paçzki delivery a joyous occasion for Nashport resident," is about Helen and her joyous deliveries, but note that it also lifts from last year's article. That out of the way, let us proceed with this year's photos.

The Mayoral Proclamation!     

Picking Up The Goodies     

Delivering Them to the Newspaper     

Feeding the TV People     

At the Local College     

Hospital delivery     


Final Delivery     

Father Jim Gets The Final Box     

Ready to Dig In     

Compare with Paçzki Day 2000     

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