July 1-15

July 14....Anne and Ben have had their baby! Jacob Benjamin Tabatowski-Bush..8 lbs 4 oz....Mom and baby are doing great. Congratulations to Annie and Ben!!!

7/1...Mary's home !  and here she is talking, via ICQ, to Tommy in Taiwan.

7/1...On all fours   Thea is getting up on all fours now and is ready to crawl.

7/1...Sam's new pillow  Sam loves to cuddle with Thea, especially in the mornings.

7/1...Just cooling off   Mike wanted to see how far the hose would reach.

7/1...Babci chuckles   Babci reading postcards from Notre Dame and Taiwan.

7/1...Under attack   Sammy learns an important lesson about trust.

7/1...Mike gets his prey.   Mike is delighted to nab a lightnin' bug.

7/1...Mike shares his catch   Sammy almost caught one as well.

7/1...Mary and Thea.   The oldest and the youngest.

7/2...After Mass goodbyes   As usual we took up a whole pew...or maybe no one wanted to sit next2us?

7/3...Reaching for Rain.   "Daddy! Daddy! Can we RUN IN THE RAIN???".

7/3...Dodging drops   Abby runs for it.

7/3...60 Yard Dash.   Summer Olympics start early.

7/3...Welcome Home Hug   Steve returns from a "fantastic" week at Disneyworld.

7/3...Bubbles   Bath time equals playtime.

7/4...Favorite Hiding Spot   Thea pulls herself forward now....and pretty fast, too!

7/4...Summer Hoops   Steve a-flippin'.

7/4...Sam points out.   Sam telling Mary about "everything."

7/4...We gather for Fireworks   but we didn't get fireworks, we got "smokeworks.".

7/4...Mary glows.   The sparklers were the only thing that produced "color."

7/4...Steve rules   "But, Dad, it's already out...there is no danger...honest."

7/4...Mary glows part II.   We could hear the real fireworks from downtown off in the distance.

7/5...Dancing to "Oops, I did it again!"   As you can see, staying at home is HARD work!

7/5...Father Jim stops by.   Back from taking 8 boys to a water park and he lived to tell about it!

7/6...Three pics of Abby dancing in her new dress from Grandma.   one  two  three

7/6...Sam helps clean up.   Better than a shampoo!

7/6...Mary helps with dinner!   Actually, Mary helped eat dinner.

7/6...Thursday night dinner.   Others, too, helped out!

7/6...Mary and Sammy   Sam and Mary bond.

7/7...Airport goodbye kisses.   Abby looks tired.

7/7...Visiting C.C.S.   After the airport, we visited Sarah at C.C.S., saving her a trip out to Z'town.

7/8...Sam takes over.   For some reason Sam thought getting into Thea's toy was VERY funny.

7/8...Zak's Birthday Party   Mike grumpily walked home 45 mins later.

7/8...Meghan babysits.   Sammy loved this and wore poor Meghan out.

7/8...Goodnite wave   "All those wearing yellow pajamas must now go to bed!"

7/10...Sam's Birthday!.   Sammy's Big Day!

7/10...Sweet Thea   Thea is the most gentle and sweet baby, but she's starting to really move.

7/10...Bubbles at Dusk.   Mike shows concentration skills while Abby dances up the driveway.

7/10...Boy in a Bubble   Note how cool this bubbler is.

7/11...Jail Break.   20 more seconds and they would have been gone!

7/12...Bigger sister helps   Sometimes bigger sister can be a real help!

7/12...Bigger sister helps II.   Othertimes it's more like aiding and abetting.

7/13...Our babies   Mike would not like being called a baby, of course

7/13...Dad's "Poisey Ivory".   not for the squeamish.

7/13...Babci is ecorted to dinner.   Babci is always welcomed with: "Hi Babci!! GOT ANY CANDY??"

7/13..."I didn't have any pshopsickles, Dad".   "Oh? Then why are your lips blue?".

7/14...Advanced Hieroglyphics   10 minutes later the rains washed this all away.

7/14...Two pics of Abby dancing inthe dusky rain.   one       two

7/14...Balloon Chase   Michael Jordan would stick his tongue out....Sam has his own version.

7/15...Two pics from Dad's garden.   one       two

7/15...Long Distance Brothers   Mike talkin' to Tommy in Taiwan

7/15...Grinding dem beans.   Sam loves machines.

7/15...Thea's First Wave   She's waving....she's almost crawling....look out, world!

7/15...A surprise visitor at 5:15.   Katherine, sweetie, look who sat behind us at Mass today!  2nd pic!

7/15...Sam is cruisin'   Every night we walk the neighborhood and Sam pushes this pink thing the whole way!

7/15...Walkin' the hood.   Jamie pushes; Abby waves; Sammy grins; Thea stares.

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